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Based in Australia and Ireland, with associate offices in Canada, the US, the UK, and now Singapore, R Williams Legal is a newly re-branded practice that has evolved out of a traditional Intellectual Property Law, Management, and Strategy firm. 

After more than 15 years of IP prosecution and consulting, we have redefined the practice to include the exciting areas of Immigration and Family Law.

We bring extensive experience and professionalism to every case and customise our support to your individual needs and concerns.  Our partners and associates in Intellectual Property specialise in biotechnology, medical systems, and electronics, while our migration work covers a wide range of visa and citizenship areas, particularly partner and skilled visas. The addition of Family Law gives us the opportunity to focus on niche areas, including adoption, surrogacy, overseas marriages, LGBTIQ rights, and local de-facto/common-law partnerships.

Get in touch with us to set up a consultation, or use the Send a Message button on the right to see whether our services are right for you.  We are happy to meet face-to-face or otherwise setup a video or teleconference for those unable to join us in Melbourne.




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Areas of Practice

Australian migration

Our full-service migration law practice covers the entire range of Australian visas -- from visitor to student to work to permanent residency. We also do a considerable amount of refugee and humanitarian visa work for those who require Australia's protection. We advocate for clients whose visas have been refused or cancelled at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and welcome work clients who want to become Australian citizens.  We specialise in skilled work (including the new TSS sponsored work visa) partnership, child, and adoption visa cases.

Intellectual property

Our IP work includes patent, trade mark, and design prosecution for clients around the world through our close network of associates. With more than a decade of international experience, we offer a big-firm expertise at a small-firm cost.

We also work with IP law firms throughout the world to integrate best industry practices and case management software to enhance the firm’s overall productivity.

Diverse families

Family law is the newest addition to our portfolio.  Our particular focus is LGBT families and their unique needs in this complex area.  This includes adoption, surrogacy, registered partnerships, and overseas marriages. 

As vocal supporters of marriage equality in Australia, we strongly advocate for the rights of clients from diverse families.  We realise the sensitivities in this area, and have built our practice around ensuring clients feel welcomed and understood.

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