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Drastic Overhall to Skilled Migration (particularly, 457!)

Toady, the Australian Government announced major changes to most Skilled Migration program, which particular reference to the Subclass 457 (Temp Skilled Work) visa.  These changes took effect overnight.

We are still learning the details of the changes, as well as the program which will ultimately replace the 457, so stay tuned.  In many cases, applications for Skilled Temporary and Permanent Migration will required direct work experience, higher English-language test scores, and/or full background checks.

In the meantime, we know that 200 Occupations have been removed from the Skilled Occupations List, which affects not only 457 candidates but also permanent visas like 189 (Skilled Independent) and 190 (Skilled Nominated).  The list of the removed occupations can be found here.

To be eligible for the current 457 program (as well as various State/Territory programs), you must nominate an occupation on the new Combined List, which can be found here. Caveats apply to occupations with *** against them.

To be eligible for Skilled Independent permanent residence, your nominated occupations must now appear on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, which can be found here.  Caveats apply to occupations with *** against them.

Please contact us for advice if you have any questions.  We will post updates shortly.
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